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Watershed Roundtables

Watershed Roundtables include stakeholders with a vested interest in their community and local water quality.  Roundtables are a collaborative effort aimed at bringing a diverse group of stakeholders together to address environmental concerns.  Some of the stakeholder groups involved with roundtables include elected officials, local government staff, the agricultural community, planning district commissions, business and industry, water and sewer utilities, commercial fishermen, soil and water conservation districts, developers, interested citizens, environmental groups, tourism and recreational groups, state and federal agencies and public service authorities.  Watershed roundtables participate in a range of activities including hosting forums and workshops, educating citizens, seeking grants, collecting and analyzing water quality, and planning and implementing watershed-wide goals.  Roundtables benefit all participants because they aid in the exchange of information, the facilitation of partnerships and improvement of water quality data and quality of life for all citizens. 
(Adapted in part from The Virginia State Department of Conservation and Recreation website )

Virginia’s Watershed Roundtables

There are 13 active watershed roundtables in Virginia.  These watershed roundtables represent the Albemarle-Chowan, Big Sandy, Eastern Shore, Middle James, Lower James, New, Potomac, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, Upper James, Upper Tennessee, Upper Roanoke and York Watersheds. 

James River Watershed, Virginia

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